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Spring Is In the Air: Camping Season

Can you smell it in the air? The scent of spring is fighting its way back into our lives. That means it’s time to plan your summer hiking and camping excursions. Are you a day hiker? A weekend adventurer? Or a PCT-type warrior? Car camper? Backpacker?

Whatever your fancy, there is an outdoor adventure for you out there.

First off, it's a great time of year to upgrade or buy new outdoor gear. You'll find clearance deals on winter apparel, but historically, spring brings sales on rain gear, backpacks and activity-specific gear like cycling or climbing.

It's also a great time to grab a new axe or hatchet. Whether you're a vet or a first timer, having a sharp blade around can serve many purposes. The 'Up North' was designed and inspired by our camping adventure.

We also now carry larger axes. If you have wood to chop or trees that need to come down we have the tool for you.

Historically I have mostly been a car camper. The car is usually within a mile max allowing easy access to food and gear. This year the goal is to try a 2-3 day back packing adventure - eyeing the Manistee River Loop Trail.

If that goes well, our sites are set on our big camping trip of 2021 to be on an island - whether that be Isle Royale, Beaver Island, the Manitou’s or Grand Island.

Isle Royale, located in the northwestern part of Lake Superior, is one of the least visited National Parks visited by roughly 20-25K people each year. The park, only open 6 months out of the year from April 16 until October 31, is difficult to travel to given its remote location. Accessible by ferry or seaplane, it offers a chance to see more moose than people.

Beaver Island, located less than 30 miles west of Charlevoix, is the largest island in lake Michigan. With most of the population living in the northern portion of the island in St. James Township, the settled regions still only account for only 6 percent of Beaver's total land area. To us, this says there is plenty of area to enjoy and explore.

The North and South Manitou Islands have been on our list for years. With a daily ferry leaving from Leland, you better stock up on supplies as there are no shops upon arrival. This is truly a rustic getaway where your daily distractions disappear. Keep in mind you do need a pass for camping and no campfires are allowed on the island.

Visited year-round by outdoor enthusiasts, Grand Island sits just north of Munising in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In the summer you’ll find hikers, camper and cabin goers, while the winter months bring ice climbers and sled dogs.

Whether you have ambitious goals or are aiming to start with a day hike at a local state park, we hope you get outside. See you on the trails! We will for sure be taking an axe or 3 with us.

Looking for a few suggestions in you area? Maybe hikes that are near breweries? Check out this great article from BioLite - they’ve put together a list of 15 hikes near delicious breweries. Another, way more accessible, Michigan hike we plan to check out is the Grass River Nature Area near the amazing Short’s Brewing Co.

Where are you headed? Let us know in the comments. And remember, just get outside and enjoy the natural world around you. Studies* do show that being outside with a Motor City Axe hatchet in hand increases your likelihood to live longer.

Don't forget that wedding season is around the corner. With all the 2020 cancelations the calendar is filling up quickly. It's not to late to grab custom axes or hatchets as groomsmen gifts. We previously covered the uniqueness and usefulness of such a gift Here.

* disclaimer - this is true, but not backed by real medical professionals or science.

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