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An Ode to an Axe

We were feeling wordy the other day. So we wrote a poem about an axe.

With axe in hand we venture out

Gather wood and fish for trout. 

In every leaf and every tree,

A wealth of knowledge, wild and free.

Each swing a story, bold and strong.

The summer breeze all evening long. 

With each step, a new frontier,

A passing glance from a baby deer.

Our trusty axe, our compass found.

Lay in the tent, head near the ground. 

In the campfire's glow, it finds its rest,

A faithful companion, tried and blessed.

In the heart of the forest, where shadows play,

Ancient trees stand tall, in silent sway.

With axe in hand we feel true

Adventure calls, and we pursue.

This poem was inspired by our mantra of "grab a hatchet, book a trip and hit the trails." And drive home by our core values of family, durability and adventure.

©2024 MotorCityAxe

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