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The Best Groomsmen Gift You Never Considered: Custom Hatchets

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

You’re getting married. You’ve picked a venue and probably tried 7 different cakes. While your future partner is off planning other aspects of the wedding, your mind wanders towards the groomsmen gifts. How do you thank the guys for their friendship, as they stand by your side on your special day?

Everyone knows the typical gifts.

Alcohol related gift – You can get your buddies an engraved flask, rock glass, or beer mug. You might toss in a 6-pack of beer, or a bottle of whiskey. This is the easy way out. These gifts don’t require much thought and the chances that one of your pals has already received something similar is pretty high. Looking to step it up? Consider a custom cooler with your friend’s initials on it – that’s something they can use for years.

Top alcohol gift we’ve ever received – metal hand-crafted engraved bottle opener made by a blacksmith in Brooklyn, NY.

Accessories - You want the guys standing next to you to look their best. You can help them do that with a watch, custom tie clip or cufflinks. These gifts are always appreciated and, as a guy who has been a groomsman before many times, they help you feel your best. The downside? These aren’t everyday items. Your friends might bust them out once every few months for weddings or special occasions, or they may never wear them again.

Top accessory gift we’ve ever received – custom tie clip with name engraved on it.

On the go travel items – Weekend trips. Carry-on luggage. Camping. Everyone takes adventure once in a while. A custom dopp kit or duffle bag can go a long way. Having a nice travel bag is something every man needs.

Top travel gift we’ve ever received – a BluBoon weekender duffle bag.

Now, how about an outside the box idea? A custom hand-painted axe or hatchet from Motor City Axe.They will catch the eye. They are unique. They are memorable. They are customizable. They are thoughtful.

The Motor City Axe Team can personalize the paint colors and design for each member of the wedding party. This provides a unique gift that can be put to use on camping trips or summer projects. They also make for a great display piece in a man cave, cabin, garage, or office.

Have a buddy who isn’t that outdoorsy? This can still work for him - everyone needs to chop a branch around the house or hammer in a loose nail. Axe throwing has surge in popularity as well. They don’t call these tools utility hatchets and axes for nothing. Still not sure? Learn more about why we love axes Here.

The best part? - if you buy 5 or more we’ll include a free custom hand-painted hatchet or axe for the groom. Imagine a wedding photo with you and your best friends, axes in hand.

Check out the axes and hatchets here and please reach out with any questions.

If you are more into antiques or vintage items, and like something with a bit of history and a story behind it – check out the vintage axes, hatchets, hammers and cleavers we refurbish Here.

Congratulations and have a fantastic wedding!

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