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Bigger is Better: Larger Axes

You asked and we listened. While already in the works, it was confirmed via our 2020 customer recap survey - the people wanted larger axes. On our site you can now find the following:

36" Jersey pattern axe - this 3.5 lb axe gets the job done. While not great for a backpacking trip, this bruiser was born to chop. Great for around for cabin or house in the woods. Also makes a great car camping tool when collection firewood.

28" Hudson Bay axe - this 2 lb. axe is great for light splitting and chopping while still packing a punch. Take it camping or keep it nearby the bonfire pit. Also offered with an 18" handle.

We hand paint & uniquely customize each axe so feel free to select one of our flagship designs or request your own color combination!

Create a lasting gift for the outdoorsman or women in your life. Great for groomsmen gifts, company awards, Christmas presents, birthdays and more!

We'll have a few 24" Boy's Axes coming soon as well. Quantities are limited so be sure to get your order in today!

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