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Why We Love Axes

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Today, life is all about the quickest, easiest, most streamlined avenue to a desired outcome. People are distracted, our attention is pulled in so many directions and technology is never but an arms reach away.

We’ve been presented with plenty of anti-hand tool arguments - the chainsaw argument, the “why bother doing that” argument, and we can’t forget the ever-popular “you can hire someone to do that” argument.

Let us tell you why you’ll be hooked once you use an axe.

Sure, you can walk into any big box hardware stores and buy a common axe or hatchet. It’ll probably have a yellow composite handle with a generic brand sticker on it. Will it break the bank? No. Will it get the job done? Sure. However, when you treat yourself to a hand-painted American-made axe with a wooden handle, you’ll feel a sense of pride. As your hands grip the hickory handle, you’ll feel the level of craftsmanship. Whether it is an axe from our vintage section that has withstood the test of time, or one that is brand new that you know you will be able to pass down to future generations. Being the oldest tool known to man, there is a reason the same general design of an axe or hatchet has remained unchanged. It may not matter to anyone else, but you’ll feel like you accomplish anything.

Best of all you’ll be outside, breathing fresh air while simultaneously getting in a great workout. Yes, it’ll take longer and you’ll probably be spent when you finish, but you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and will be proud of your work. You can say, ‘I did that.’ You completed the task, tackled the daunting work, and can now rest. It’s time to sip on an ice cold beer.

There is nothing like being in the forest with your axe or hatchet. Grab one for yourself, or the outdoor person in your life today. Visit our shop or email us at with questions.

Happy chopping!

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