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Use Your Quarantine Time to Prep for the 2020 Camping Season

Camping season 2020 is, hopefully, just around the corner. The weather has already started to turn, and while some state and national parks and forest might be restricted, this is the perfect time to get all your ducks in a row...for camping.

Our first suggestion is to inventory your gear. Do you have all the essentials you need for your upcoming adventures and is everything in working order? Baseline essentials usually consist of:

- tent or hammock

- sleeping bag

- sleeping pad

- backpack

- water bottle/filter

- food and cookware

- first aid kit

- matches

- flashlight

- TP

With the weather turning, it's also a great time to clean your gear. Set the tent up and air it out. Clean your hiking boots. Sharpen your hatchet. Throw the camping silverware in the dishwasher. Fluff the sleeping bag in the dryer.

After inventorying and cleaning, you may realize some of your gear is old, damaged, out of date or that you're missing a key item. This is the perfect time of year to gear up. Plenty of stores are having spring sales, especially it you don't mind the 2019 model year. Our first stop is always Moosejaw. Can't go wrong with a Michigan-based company that 'loves the madness'. We are also firm believers that everyone needs at least one axe. So check out our shop if you need a trusty tool to help build that camp fire.

Use the time to really plan and research for your upcoming adventures. Pick new camp grounds or map hiking trails. Most state DNR sites are still operational and you can reserve your preferred camp spot. We use The Dyrt camping app to read reviews from campers who have visited campgrounds in the past. You can reserve your spots in Michigan Here.

Pro tip - spend some time researching the surrounding areas too. We personally make a point to check the surrounding areas for all breweries, distilleries and wineries. Who doesn't love a refreshing drink after a trail hike?

Planning a backpacking trip? On your daily neighborhood walks, try wearing a weighted pack. You can gradually increase the weight and build up stamina. Be ready to go when the trip date arrives!

Do you have any tips? Share them in the comments below!

Plenty to do to stay positive, occupied and happy.

Stay home, healthy and safe. See you on a trails soon.

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