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How an Axe Can Help You Survive The Coronavirus.

Strange times we are living in, eh? Bars and restaurants are closed. Social distancing is trending on Twitter. Every event is canceled or postponed. And people are frantically buying toilet paper...?

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and essentially forced the human race inside. Or at least 6 ft. apart per the Central for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recommendation.

We'd just like to toss out a few ideas as to how an axe or hatchet can help you through these trying times.

1. Just get out and chop some wood

A great activity to partake in alone, chopping wood not only will replenish your firewood stock, but it's a great workout. You engage the core muscle, work up a nice sweat and get to spend some time outside. Whether you're felling a tree, knocking some branches off or splitting logs we've got you covered.

2. Create something out of wood

An axe, or more specifically a hatchet, is the preferred tool of craftsman who make items out of wood. Furniture makers and spoon carvers typically use a hatchet to hone the rough shape of the object they are creating.

Or heck, go crazy and try to build a log cabin. Whether you aim for a spoon or a place to live, we have all the edge tools you need - felling axes, hewing hatchets, hammers and more.

3. Care for your edge tools

You're stuck inside, so why not take a Netflix break and dedicate some time to your axe. Sharpen the blade so it's ready for use next time you head out. We try to make a habit of sharpening after every trip. You can always polish the head and handle as well. This will help keep you axe clean, prevent potential rusting and ensure you're able to pass the tool to the next generation.

4. Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Do we really know what the coronavirus is? What it will do? Are other countries covering up what's really happening? Ok...enough of the conspiracy talk, but this may be the closest thing we ever get to a real apocalypse. It can never hurt to have an axe sitting around, even if it collects dust in the basement or garage. We've all seen the shows and movies - the only way to kill a zombie is with blunt force to the head. So if Uncle Ernie turns you'll want to be prepared right?

Stay happy, stay occupied, stay healthy and stay inside people!

Our website is live and open for business 24/7 - check us out Here.

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1 Comment

Arthur Kaufman
Arthur Kaufman
Aug 22, 2021

Thanks foor this

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