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Flagship Release: The Up North

If you live in or have ever visited northern Michigan you know that it's a special place. I cherish the warm summer months and try to spend as much time as possible north of the 45th parallel camping and exploring. This design is inspired by northern Michigan's dense forest, sandy beaches, pristine lakes and breathtaking sunsets.

Get your 'Up North' today. Available on the hatchet and camp axe.

Take it to your cabin or summer home. Chop some fire wood. Grab a crisp MI-brewed beer and enjoy a campfire with friends and family. It is meant to invoke a feeling of a relaxing place, a better place, Up North.

Each handle is hand-branded with 2 trees.

Cherish the beauty 'up north' has to offer.

And if you've never been...well it's time to plan your summer adventure. You can check out our past blog post on Michigan Hikes and Camping Prep to help you prepare.

Larger axe options coming soon.

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