2021 Motor City Axe Recap

Thank you, thank you! Another record year for Motor City Axe. We are forever grateful for our customers and partners, as without them we'd just have a ton of axes without homes.

We started 2021 by restocking both Bespoke Post and Moosejaw with custom hatchets and camp axes. In addition to the 18" camp axe, Bespoke Post added the 28" Hudson Bay Axe as well. This continued through the year, as Bespoke geared up for the holiday rush!

In mid-January we launched our 4th flagship design. 'The Up North' was inspired by northern Michigan's dense forest, sandy beaches, pristine lakes and breathtaking sunsets. It's been the top seller since introducing it. Colton Evens of @coltons_captures on Instagram took some beautiful photos of the 'Up North' design for us. Thanks again for the great shots!

We also brought in larger, more versatile axes. A