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What To Buy With That Christmas Cash

The question that haunts millions of people around the world. Do you invest or save the money? Do you finally get that gym membership you've been thinking about? Or do you take the money and get yourself the gift you really want?

We were going to put together a list of items we thought worthy of that money from your great uncle Norbert, but then someone did it for us. Men's Journal, a popular publication and online resource complied some top notch suggestions. Titled "17 Gifts to Buy Yourself With All That Christmas Cash", this is a comprehensive gear-based list of male-centric items to be used while out in nature or at home. Ranging from packs and hats, to chargers and tech, you'll want to poke around.

But suggested item number 16 really stood out to us.

The author, Adam Bible, wrote, "Every guy could use another addition to their woodsman’s collection, but instead of picking up some ho-hum hatchet at the hardware store, spring for a cool custom creation from Motor City Axe. Modeled after the classic Hudson Bay-style trapper’s tool, this compact axe has a 2-pound, forged tool steel head attached to an 18-inch hickory handle. A variety of colors and patterns are available for customization, along with wood-burned names or initials."

If you're looking to explore our shop or see what other products we offer, check out our website Here. We always say, 'Grab a hatchet, book a trip and hit the trails.'

Click Here to check out the full list on Men'

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