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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The holidays are just around the corner and outdoor retail giant REI has put together a pretty decent list of the hottest gift ideas for the camping lover in your life.

The first item on the list is actually pretty great and we’ve added it to our Christmas list - the MPOWERD Luci Outdoor Pro Inflatable Solar Lantern. This fairly priced light is small enough and compacts down to fit into your pack, while serving multiple functions - it’s a light, solar panel and has a USB plug-in to charge your phone.

The Leatherman Signal Topo Multi-Tool is up next. We encourage everyone who hits the trails to pack a pocket knife, the newest knife from Leatherman propels you to the next level of preparedness with its newly added safety features - a ferro fire starter, safety whistle, and knife sharpener. As as a high school teacher once told me, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’

Whether it’s the Fenix HL60R Rechargeable Head Lamp, or any other brand, we never go camping without one. As the sun begins to set, be sure you know where you packed it, or better yet, strap it on. Instead of having to hold a flashlight, a head lamp allows you to navigate the campsite and have both hands readily available.

The article goes on to list a rain jacket - sure it’ll keep you dry, but so will a gamut of other products; A recharger for your devices – personally, when we camp, we strive to disconnect from the routines of normal life and try not to use electronic devices. We do understand how easy phones allow us to take photos though, so our Pro-Tip is to switch your phone to airplane mode. You are still able to take photos, but you will be able to camp and hike without the notifications from work email and your group chats. REI also lists a cooler - while needed, especially when camping near your car, this $400 cooler does seem a bit over the top. With the proper storage and ice packs you can maintain your food for a fraction of the cost.

The last few items on REI’s holiday gift idea list are luxury items, but essential ones to have nonetheless. Hardcore outdoor enthusiasts might just sleep under the stars, but for those looking to have a restful sleep and wake up refreshed, rather than feeling every bone and muscle ache in your body, invest in a sleeping pad. While we personally use Therm-a-rest pads, the REI list recommends the NEMO Switchback Sleeping Pad. This really comes down to a personal sleeping preference and packing style. Ultimately, sleeping pads main function is to not only provide padding, but also provide thermal insulation. Even in summer, insulation is important to a good night's sleep because you lose body heat to the ground. Pro-Tip: Every sleeping pad is given an “R-value”. This R-value is the measurement of the ability of the mattress to retain warmth. The higher the R-value, the warmer the sleeping pad. Using a sleeping pad will keep you warmer and more comfortable, ensuring a decent night's sleep.

Although this list is pretty comprehensive, and we thought it was a nice balance between necessity and luxury. We couldn’t help but notice that one thing was missing - a hand painted Sport-utility Camp Hatchet from Motor City Axe. This isn’t just a shameless plug – these hatchets have multiple uses around a campsite. From chopping firewood to hammering in tent stakes, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, our company was founded based on our love for lasting craftsmanship, a desire to work with our hands, and our wanderlust-like passion for the outdoors. Our sport-utility camp hatchets are crafted in the USA and hand-painted in Detroit. These hatchets are versatile and provide you with a sense of pride and accomplishment. When you’re sitting around a warm campfire, sipping a cold beer, we promise you won’t be thinking about some fancy cooler, or the battery life of your cell phone.

Check out the Motor City Axe Shop today.

To read the full list from REI Click Here.

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