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New Product - the Ace Half Hatchet

Whether in the IATF or WATL you probably don't hit the bullseye each time. If you do, know not all of us can be as talented. Sometimes we miss and, well, there can be damage to the axe.

We know not everyone wants to spend $75-90 on a custom hatchet you'll be throwing against a wall.

With that said, we introduce Motor City Axe's version of the Ace Half Hatchet. A great thrower, but with a personal touch and hand painted handle. In order to minimize damage to the painted area, we paint closer to the blade, leaving the throat and knob (lower portions of the handle) free for better grip or to add tape.

These are available as one-off gifts or in bulk to sell in your axe throwing arena.

  • Handle Material: Hickory

  • Head Weight: 22 oz.

  • Head material: Carbon Steel

  • Overall Length: 13.58 in.

Currently available at Detroit Axe in Ferndale, MI or online through our site. Coming soon to other locations.

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