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Let's Explore Detroit Metro

In browsing other partners through the Michigan DNR's 'These Goods are Good for Michigan' program we stumbled upon a new company - one that the Detroit area has been missing.

Introducing Expedition Detroit!

If you are at all interested in any outdoor-related activity - think from hiking to biking, camping to hunting, water sports to winter sports - this is the site for you.

We all know it can be hard to finish work on a Friday and not want to drive 3 to 4 hours to go up north. Expedition Detroit features every outdoor activity that is within a 1 hour drive of Detroit (and yes, this includes crossing the boarding over into Canada!).

Most people don't even know about the extensive offerings of trails, paths and waterways that a readily available and much closer to home than you think!

Our favorite part? The interactive map portion of the site. It's outlined each activity by a designated icon and provide details/links to learn more about the destination. You have to check this out!

We recently hiked part of the Penosha Trail which was featured in their weekly #TrailTuesday blog! It was a great hike, only 35 minutes from home and close to Brighton, MI where we had dinner. Check out the thorough guide Here.

Since we were founded we encouraged people to "Grab a hatchet, book a trip and hit the trails" and now those options are much closer than you may have ever imaged! Enjoy exploring the metro-Detroit area from a new vantage point!

Expedition Detroit is a comprehensive platform for original content covering the best outdoor opportunities within an hour's drive of Downtown Detroit. From well-known experiences to hidden gems, top-tier gear to time-tested survivalist tips, volunteer opportunities to recreational advocacy, Expedition Detroit's mission is to support, inspire, and expand Detroit's outdoor community.

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