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Join us. Follow us. And write your own adventure.

Everyday is a new adventure.

In the hustle and bustle of the world we live in, a majority of people feel stuck. A pawn in the corporate world. We aim to help break the norm. Grab a hatchet, book a trip and hit the trails. Reconnect with yourself and with nature. Create a story worth telling.

Join us. Follow us. And write your own adventure.

Join us on Instagram. We post weekly photos of our work and our adventures. Stories document the journey of the axe. They start as rust covered tools and end of as timeless treasures.

On Facebook we share more literally content, in addition to our photos. Blog post like this along with articles relating to axes, hatchets, tool restoration, camping, hiking, environmental issues and travel will all show up there. We also highlight great things happening in Detroit and around the state of Michigan.

While we have Twitter, we don’t use tweet all that much. We push our content and photos there and are sure to respond to any messages.

We even throw a few post up on Pinterest. Take a look and feel free to pin your favorites.

Check us out. Give us a follow or a like. Feel free to stay connected. Reach out for a custom design or a refurbished vintage axe at any time. We are here to help you fill in the next chapter of your story.

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