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Game Changer - FedEx Grant

As a small business having the opportunity to enter a grant competition is a no brainer. FedEx, our preferred shipping method, is providing us with this opportunity.

We love our customers, followers and supporters and we need your help! Winning this grant would allow us to purchase new equipment, stock more inventory, pursue new partnerships & expand our marketing. New equipment & upgrades would allow us to work more efficiently. More inventory cuts down on product wait time leading to happier customers. With more marketing spend, we can increase our reach into new verticals & more aggressively go after new partnerships. This grant would continue to fuel a dream.

You could help Motor City Axe win one of 12 grants, with a top prize of $50,000. Fans and supporters can vote once per 24-hour period through March 8, so keep coming back!​

The Top 100 finalists will be revealed March 16, and winners will be announced May 4.

Thank you. We appreciate you. Please vote and share daily!

Check out our profile HERE.

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