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From Rust to Rustico!

In our infancy, Motor City Axe was based around the restoration of old rusty tools. While we still dabble in that, our business has grown.

We'd like to introduce our newest partner, Rustico!

Rustico is a family of artists—adventurous and with their stuff mostly together—handcrafting inspiring lifestyle pieces at our workshop in Lindon, Utah. It's a journey. And we love it.

A journey indeed, and we love it as well and are proud to be along for the ride.

Rustico carries a small assortment of our axes and hatchets including the Up North axe, Up North hatchet and the Brotherhood hatchet. You can check out the full collection Here.

One custom went as far as saying, "The Up North Axe is just an awesome axe. Great feel and solid craftsmanship." Thanks Frank!

It's always a win-win when two like minded companies get together!

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