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Flagship Axe Release: "The Woodward"

When you hear 'The Motor City' you might think cars, the big 3, Henry Ford...or you might think of Woodward Avenue.

This highway, called "Detroit's Main Street", runs from downtown Detroit north to Pontiac, MI. It is one of the 5 core avenues in Detroit, along with Michigan, Grand River, Gratiot and Jefferson avenues. These streets were planned and designed in 1805 by Judge Augustus B. Woodward, namesake to Woodward Avenue.

This hatchet pays tribute to one of Michigans, if not the countries most iconic roadways. Woodward Ave. is listed as an Automotive Heritage Trail and host the yearly Woodward Dream Cruise - a parade of vintage cars.

Show your love for Michigan, your love for cars and your love for Woodward with this flagship design. 'The Woodward' is available as the camp hatchet and camp axe. Shop Here.

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