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Fall is in the Air: Candle Collaboration

Do you bust out your seasonal candles as soon as the leaves begin to change color and fall? Well it's that time of year so get ready.

But wait, there is a new kid on the block...

I've partnered with our friends from the Upper Peninsula, Finnmaker, on an exclusive fall candle release. Introducing 'Woods+Hops' a Finnmaker and Motor City Axe candle collaboration. This soy wax candle burns with a wooden wick and will tantalize your nose with fragrances of assorted woods - you might pick up pine, blue spruce, cedar, teakwood and sandalwood. Additional scents of oakmoss, musk, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla round out this complex, yet balanced candle. Fresh hops, grown by yours truly, provide not only an appealing look but add to the natural aroma.

Perfect for the winter cabin, a stocking stuffer or at home on your coffee table, this candle will not disappoint.

You can purchase your Woods+Hops candle from Finnmaker's Etsy page. Finnmaker also has an assortment of other heavenly smells so be sure to check those out.

Locals in metro-Detroit can reach out to Motor City Axe directly as we'll have some available downstate.

Make your nose happy and get yours today!

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