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Around the Campfire

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

So you’ve spent this cold fall day felling and splitting a tree with your Motor City Axe. A day well spent if you ask us. You’re probably tired, sore, and hungry. So what’s next? A nice cold Michigan-brewed beer around the campfire?  

We’ve put together our list of the top 5 Michigan-brewed fall campfire beers:

1. Bell’s Brewing Best Brown Ale - This beer has been a staple is the fall Bell’s lineup for years. The toasty notes fill the mouth as hints of caramel and cocoa linger after each sip. Coming in at 5.8%, enjoying a couple of these smooth ales will almost make you forget that it’s near freezing outside.

2. New Holland Carhartt Woodsman - This beer almost makes the list on it’s name alone. Chances are high, that while deconstructing that tree, you were wearing some sort of Carhartt gear.  A lighter barrel-aged beer, coming in at 4.4%, this collaboration embodies some of the same principles we believe in here at Motor City Axe - craftsmanship and hardwork. Put your feet up and sip on this beer as you taste flavors of malty sweetness and toasted oak.

3. Canadian Breakfast Stout by Founders Brewing Co. - Having been released in consecutive years making it more readily available, this once elusive beer is still the highest-rated beer brewed in Michigan. Aging in bourbon barrels that previously held maple syrup, these flavors blend perfectly with the chocolate and coffee, creating a smooth 11.6% imperial stout. Sit back and enjoy.

4. Boss Tweed by Old Nation Brewing Co. - Old Nation put itself and the New England IPA style of beer on the map. This smooth, hazy IPA combines an eclectic mix of citrus flavors with light floral notes as it tantalizes your taste buds. Coming in at 9.3%, this beer can sneak up on you. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, try the 6.8% M-43. This is Old Nations flagship New England IPA and the one that essentially kept the breweries doors open.

5. Anything from Axle Brewing’s Livernois Barrel Project - Ferndale’s Axle Brewing launched their first barrel aged beer back in early 2018 and they haven’t looked back since. Wolftone, an 11.5% imperial stout, was followed by Forward Observer, a 10.8% double oatmeal stout. Both were exceptional and full of flavor. Just this past weekend they released the third installment - the 10% Insufferable Self-Righteous imperial stout. Keep in mind these are limited releases, so be sure to jump at the opportunity. Head brewer, Adam Beratta, mentioned the fourth installment would be a barrel-aged barleywine and that it would be the best yet. We can’t wait.

As the fires dies down and the beer is running low, you catch a glimpse of you axe leaning up against the shed. A simple head nod and a feeling of accomplishment falls upon you. A day well spent.

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