Around the Campfire

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

So you’ve spent this cold fall day felling and splitting a tree with your Motor City Axe. A day well spent if you ask us. You’re probably tired, sore, and hungry. So what’s next? A nice cold Michigan-brewed beer around the campfire?  

We’ve put together our list of the top 5 Michigan-brewed fall campfire beers:

1. Bell’s Brewing Best Brown Ale - This beer has been a staple is the fall Bell’s lineup for years. The toasty notes fill the mouth as hints of caramel and cocoa linger after each sip. Coming in at 5.8%, enjoying a couple of these smooth ales will almost make you forget that it’s near freezing outside.

2. New Holland Carhartt Woodsman - This beer almost makes the list on it’s name alone. Chances are high, that while deconstructing that tree, you were wearing some sort of Carhartt gear.  A lighter barrel-aged beer, coming in at 4.4%, this collaboration embodies some of the same principles we believe in here at Motor City Axe - craftsmanship and hardwork. Put your feet up and sip on this beer as you taste flavors of malty sweetness and toasted oak.