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Protect Mother Earth

Here at Motor City Axe we do what we can to ensure the future of our planet.

We work with local businesses, family and friends to collect their packaging materials to use in our shipping. Most packing materials are considered 'single-use' meaning they are only used once before being discarded (most likely to a landfill or they end up in waterways). If you've ever ordered from us the bubble wrap, packing pillows or paper is on it's second leg. We encourage you to continue upcycling or to recycle the materials!

Motor City Axe is a proud partner in the Michigan DNR's program called 'These Goods are Good for Michigan'. Through this partnership a portion of our proceeds go to support trail maintenance and green initiatives in parks throughout Michigan.

Each hike - or even on walks in our neighborhood - we carry a bag to collect the trash of others. With the ease of recycling, it is still astonishing how many people choose to litter. We encourage you to make your next hike or walk a recycle one! #recyclewalk

You can even go as far as to take the 'Leave No Trace' Outdoor Awareness Pledge. It was a simple, impactful course to hold yourself accountable. You can take the short course Here and be sure to follow them on Instagram for great outdoor tips!

Let's keep mother earth green!

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