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Moosejaw x Motor City Axe Collaboration

Introducing 'Sir Chops a Lot' the camp axe you all need, but may not deserve.

This collaboration has been years in the making.

When I took a job at Moosejaw in 2012 I never imagined there’d be a future where I’d end up coming full circle collaborating with my past employer. At the time, I didn't even have the inspiration for Motor City Axe yet. Now, almost 9 years later, I've partnered with Moosejaw on an exclusive camp hatchet collaboration.

Moosejaw was my home for almost 2 years. I met a ton of great people, learned loads about camping and outdoor gear. I also acquired lots of equipment that reignited my love of camping and it's gear I still use to this day.

When I approached Moosejaw in mid-2020 with this idea, they were receptive from the get-go. They embraced the opportunity to work with a former employee and a local Michigan maker.

From those conversations, 'Sir Chops A Lot' was born. Designed by Moosejaw, the hatchet is hand painted and branded by Motor City Axe and accompanied with a genuine leather sheath from Wild Bill Leather Works.

Dane, Moosejaw’s Manager of Product Development, noted "We were really happy to work with Motor City Axe as they understood our commitment to quality and the idea that the outdoors should be fun. We pick our collaborations carefully to only work with the people we can trust and deliver premium products within our Madness approach."

Grab your 'Sir Chops a Lot' today at select Moosejaw stores or online at

You can also read about the collaboration in Hour Detroit.

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