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Give Your Dad a Gift with Meaning

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Most young men and women grow up admiring their father. The lessons he teaches are invaluable and the guidance provided is never forgotten. He is the man you want to become or the type of man you want to end up with.

Your father, depending on his age, may have grown up in a simpler time. A time without cell phones, social media, or influencers. A time where people spent more of their lives outdoors. A time where family mattered more than anything. An easier time.

As we grow older, at least in our house, Dad always says, ‘I don’t need any gifts. I just want you kids to be happy.’ This is a common theme around his birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day alike.

Well, dads of the world, we want you to be happy too. Sit back and think about it. How much has your father done and sacrificed for you? How much do you cherish your time with him? This is the year to make his Father’s Day extra special. Get dad a gift that will last a lifetime – no, a gift that will last forever. A custom hand-painted hatchet or camp axe from Motor City Axe. He’ll be blown away by the gesture. Whether he uses it around the house or cabin, displays it on the mantle or puts it away for future generations, this tool will mean more to him than you know. It may symbolize more than your gratitude, it may take him back to adventures and journeys from his yesteryears.

This Father’s Day use code* FDAY19 to take 10% off any new or refurbished axe on the Motor City Axe site.

And, most importantly, enjoy some time with your father on June 16th.


* coupon code valid May 16 - June 16, 2019

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