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Campfire Safety

One of the best parts of camping - the bonfire. Not many things are as relaxing as cracking a beer, cooking up some s'mores and spending time with friends or family around the fire pit.

Campfire Safety Guidelines | Motor City Axe
Campfire Safety Guidelines | Motor City Axe

But fire is nothing to mess with - let's review some basic campfire safety guidelines.

  • Check Regulations & Use Designated Fire Rings or Pits - These are designed to contain the fire and minimize the risk of it spreading. Most DNR parks in Michigan have built is ring and some even have a grate for grilling!

  • Clear the Area - Be aware of your camp site and surroundings. Remove any dry leaves, grass, or debris that could catch fire.

  • Extinguish Properly - Use Water and a Shovel to extinguish the fire completely before leaving the site or going to sleep.

  • Never use accelerants like gasoline to start or boost the fire. This can lead to uncontrollable flames or deadly forest fires. There are plenty of natural alternatives that can be used.

  • Burn only local firewood - Transporting firewood from one area to another can spread invasive pests. Most camp ground and even some neighboring residents will have firewood for sale. Or you could chop your own from fallen trees around the camp ground. Need an axe? We got you covered!

These are some very simple yet effective tips to keep in the back of your mind! Remember only you can prevent forest fires.

The only thing left to do is enjoy! Cheers!

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