Stanley Bell System Hatchet Wrench

Stanley Bell System Hatchet Wrench


The specific year during which Stanley provided specialty hatchets for the Bell System has yet to be determined. It is believed that these hatchets were available from sometime in the 1940s until the early 1960. At this point, no catalog reference is known extant but it is surmised they may have been provided through special orders. Also unresolved is whether Stanley provided such hatchets to other utility companies. This style hatchet is referred to as a hatchet-wrench because the square opening accommodated the square bolt heads used to secure different apparatus to utility poles. 


I've refurbished this piece of history. It has been sanded, hand painted and stained and the blade was craftily hand sharpened. A minor wood patch was added to the shoulder near the head. 


This is a one of a kind tool and makes a great show piece or first hatchet for a young enthusiast.



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