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Hamilton & Adams x Motor City Axe Collaboration

Instagram is a powerful tool and brought us together with this fantastic store based in Kingston, NY. We'd like to announce a new partnership with Hamilton & Adams. Their mission and philosophy aligned with our own and spoke to us. We knew it would be a great fit.

They believe life should be all about discoveries and helping people find something new, different and unique to make the everyday go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Just as we encourage everyone to 'Grab a hatchet, book a trip and hit the trails', they encourage people to get out and explore, learn, and take advantage of the world around them. The products they carry are meant to inspire customers to think different and appreciate all that life has to offer.

These 14 in hatchets are great for all occasions. Display then in the man cave or put them to use in the yard. Take it camping or axe throwing. Select from more than 15 colors and add that personal touch with a branded name or date. Best of all, the hatchet comes with a fitted leather sheath by local Michigan-maker Wild Bill.

Order in-store or online today!

Visit them online Here.

Fun Fact - just as Detroit suffered a historic fire, Kingston was burned down by the British during the Revolutionary War, and served as the first capital of New York State.

Upstate & chill folks.

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