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Bespoke Post x Motor City Axe Collaboration

Just like Motor City Axe, Bespoke Post started small - they were a team of 2 finding products they loved, packing orders, and shipping 'em out by hand. A few sleepless nights, 6 years, and 40 more employees later, they're still growing. Growing so much that over the next year they have vowed to help support small business by launching the 'Support Small Initiative.'

Through that initiative, we are proud to announce a collaboration with Bespoke Post. As part of their 4th of July 'Made in America' series, the exclusive camp axe design will only be available through their online store. The design process was a cooperative effort that we hope you'll love.

We hope this is a lasting partnership and are humbled to work with a company who is cut from a similar cloth. The Bespoke Post site states they, 'cut through the noise so you don't have to, seek out products with heart and soul, and guide you to lead a more discerning life.' We are honored that our axes and hatchets fall under those guidelines.

To learn more about Bespoke Post, visit their website. They have a ton of amazing products that help people discover the under-the-radar, unique and downright awesome brands their founders love.

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